You are  on Midi Layers website. This website presents a downloadable musical software called HyperVoicing. This software is free.


HyperVoicing is a musical software : it helps you to  compose. It is a chords generator. The chords can be exported as MIDI files. It has a single window interface which simplifies its use. Chord voicings are automatically created with great musicality : you can change the chords voicings with different voicings rules. It is possible to search playable scales on several chords. From these chords and scales, you can generate MIDI Layers that can be used in a sequencer like Cubase. The HyperVoicing software allows you to prepare a composition: it is a preproduction software..

What is a MIDI Layer ?
“MIDI Layers” consist of a chords model and a scales model. Scales are playable on chords. They are exported as MIDI Files from HyperVoicing. They are used in a sequencer as multiple key edition: the Layer is in the background and the composition track in the foreground. The composition notes  are superimposed to the notes  of the MIDI layer.

Using a scales MIDI Layer


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