PC computer, Windows 10 Operating System.

For installation

1 – Please close all applications before installation.
2 – Download file. Then dezip this file to get “setup.exe” file.
3 – Double click on “setup.exe” file that you have downloaded.
4- An installation wizard helps you to install the software : follow its indications.

To download the “” file, click on the link below


Exclusivity of Rights

This software is a free software. It has the status of freeware. Its use is free. It is not subject to any retribution.

This software remains the exclusive property of its author. Its marketing is prohibited. All rights are reserved.

The copyright, publication, patent and other intellectual property relating to the software belong exclusively to the author of the software.

Exclusion of Warranty

The program is distributed “as is” without any warranty. The author assumes no responsibility for any damage or loss of data related to the use of the software.

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